What does short-term village missions entail?

Staffing Requirements:

Typically, a team of six (including four adults and two mature teens) is an ideal team size. This enables affordable travel based upon available aircraft. The ideal team should consist of:

  1. Preacher/Teacher – Capable of teaching simple, one-point lessons often. He also needs the biblical knowledge to answer most questions as they arise.
  2. A Team Leader – Should not be the main teacher but should be the person arranging activities, teaching times, meals, etc; responsible for overall coordination of the mission. Should also be capable of teaching if needed.
  3. A Musically Inclined Member – Skilled in the piano or guitar and able to lead music if necessary. Can be a teen. Does not need to perform, just facilitate songs.
  4. A Games Person – Usually a teen, but an energetic adult could also fill this slot. A seemingly simple task, but more difficult than it appears. The person should be capable of creating games with little preparation using anything available on-site.
  5. A Crafts Leader – Develops easy crafts typically taking less than an hour to finish.
  6. One More Versatile Leader – Capable of filling in as needed and as a support person for the above listed people. Would be great if this person were a worship leader of sorts who can work alongside the musician to elevate the singing.


The team members should be flexible and mature with a love for people. At least four members should have previous experience in other ministries and/or missions.

GCA requires a minimum of a 3-year commitment.

  • This requires at least one visit per year depending on location and expenses.
  • This requires that each team member participate in GCA-led or GCA-approved cultural training (contact us for details).
  • This requires that each team member commit to establishing and fostering outreach-oriented and discipleship-oriented relationships through regular communication via social media and email with those from the villages that seek such ongoing relations.


In order to gauge a team leader’s ability to serve and lead short-term ministry in a village context, GCA requires an interview (in person or Skype) where GCA leadership will ask questions about doctrine, previous ministry experience, character, and cultural issues.

GCA recommends potential short-term team leaders take an exploratory trip to the village with a GCA leader so that the short-term leaders can better understand the context, culture, and challenges of village ministry. The short-term team leaders are encouraged to screen and evaluate potential team members based upon what they understand to be the challenges of ongoing ministry in the villages. Such qualities to look for in a potential team member would be, though not limited to: flexible, patient, teachable, biblically grounded, compassionate, not a new convert, able to teach the gospel, and able to counsel/disciple with the Bible. Costs for such an exploratory trip will be discussed once a village ministry opportunity is selected. An exploratory trip to a village can be done once that village is officially adopted by the potential team.

GCA reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who does not share GCA’s doctrinal values and who does not seek to serve with a humble spirit.


  • GCA will require $2,000 per person per year for one trip (this does not include the travel costs of getting to Anchorage for those outside the area).
  • If GCA discovers significant cost-savings, we will make those known to the team.
  • After the initial 3-year commitment, every successive yearly trip will receive a 10% discount ($200) from the 3-year annual fee ($2,000), totaling $1,800 per year.
  • 50% paid 6 months prior to each adopt-a-village short-term trip.
  • 50% paid upon arrival for each short-term trip

Potential Villages:

Some villages have a small handful of believers, and others may not have believers at all. Some have SEND missionaries onsite. GCA is committed to finding a suitable village ministry opportunity that corresponds to the wishes, gifts, and strengths of each short-term ministry team.

Items to Consider:

  • Who and how many people might be interested in a short-term team?
  • What kinds of village needs and opportunities do you envision your potential team seeking?
  • What sort of time, relational, and financial commitment is your potential short-term team ready to pursue?
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